Memoir 44 – D-Day Landings


Memoir 44 – D-Day Landings

70 years after D-Day, commemorate the Normandy landings with these six unique Battle Maps of the D-Day Landings. The new Extended Breakthrough format introduced in this expansion is 23 hexes deep and offers you battles on a scale and scope you’ve never seen before!

Each battle can be played individually or assembled with its neighboring scenarios for epic Double- and Triple-Map battles. You can even link all six Battle Maps together for the Ultimate D-Day Landing Experience, creating a giant board that recreates the entire Normandy coast!

· Six pre-printed Battle Maps, each 13×23 hexes: American Airborne, Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach.
· New rules: Reinforcements & Terrain Control rules.
· New troops: Supported Infantry & Supported Armor.
· Several game modes: Double-Map (OverThrough), Triple-Map and Ultimate Six-Map battles.

At least one original copy of Memoir’44 is required to play, as well as the Terrain Pack, Equipment Pack and Winter Wars expansions. The Mediterranean Theater expansion is also recommended, though not required.

Lenguaje:Inglés     Jugadores:2-8     Duración:30-60 min.

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